Play Duck Life 4 Game

The small games are completely different. Once you control his duck through an obstacle course, sometimes you have to dodge falling debris and other times you have to go up to the little duck as high as humanly possible into the air. The controls are at the games so simple that even novice duck racer easily in a short time to improve their chicks. Often already wealthy few practice laps and you have the hang out already.

Then you can easily fly for several minutes with the chick swim through the routes, or jump. The longer you hold out the exercise, the higher the level reward at the end. But not only can you experience in swimming, flying and racing games win. Even the coveted gold coins scattered around the courses and can be collected. With gold you can buy new outfits in the shop for his racing ducks or new eggs, which hatch into chicks more for the team. You can buy with gold and candy for the chicks that provide energy.

This is especially important so that the ducks fall over during the competitions and not simply be disqualified. If a player has trained a duck enough, he can compete with other chicks in a duel. A win cash prizes and an invitation to the tournament. There shall be at his own ducks team against other teams and play for gold and access to a variety of five maps.

The instructions are in the game. Mainly play with the arrow keys and the mouse