Duck Life 4

If you recall the story line in the prior edition, you’re tasked with raising a baby duckling and coaching it to compete in competitions and races around the world to be able to raise cash to help save your beloved farm. Back in Duck Life 4, you’ve successfully saved the farm and got lots of additional cash to live comfortably on the farm. However, since all of us know, racing is very addicting!

The narrative in this edition of the game presents a brand new duckling. The new duckling tactics you as you’re wearing your prized possession throughout the town — the gold crown which you won in the entire world contest collection of Duck Life 4! The infant duckling asks about in which you obtained the crown, and as soon as you tell him your story, it motivates him to turn into a duck racer, also!

What is New?

Duck Life 4 Game presents a couple of new features which weren’t available from the initial version of the game. This variant introduces a new ability to learn, the sport store is installed differently than previously, along with also the racing maps are made slightly different than previously.

For example, before, we can open the shop and navigate the many choices which were offered to us, even in Level 0. This enabled us to organize our funds appropriately when we desired to obtain a new hat or adjust the colour of the duckling. This time, however, at the onset of the sport, you’re restricted on what you could see in the sport store. Each updated purchase becomes accessible because you unlock them — frequently based on either your Duck Life 4  or the number of coins offered in your financial institution.

Duck Life 4

Additionally, you will find five distinct racing maps accessible to gamers today. Within each one of those maps are different maps that you’ll have to research. These maps are the races that you’ll have to acquire as a way to unlock extra maps. Very similar to the prior edition, every racing map was made to test a couple of skills.

Who does not love a game with a cute, furry little yellowish Duck Life 4 out his heart to the end point?

By the easy images to the simple playability, this game is actually intended for gamers of all ages and also for computers of all capacities. The images are fundamental enough that virtually any computer should be able to manage with ease and there is minimal lag problems. I also enjoy that the rushing maps are somewhat more scenic than they had been at the former edition.

Duck Life 4

I also enjoy that the store allows players to personalize their duckling To some extent. Even brand new ducklings can match a fancy new shirt coat — for free!

Though playing with the game is rather easy, there is little variation In the preceding edition. The jobs are extremely much like the initial edition, as are the training races and exercises. The aims of the match are even the same — triumph every one of the races!

Additionally, I Truly did not enjoy the high price of this food and other Products From the shop.

In general, the game is enjoyable to play with in case you’ve got a couple hours to kill. Leveling and unlocking every map may be kind of slow, however, and scrutinizing your duck past the free top hat and organic yellowish color may set you in the poor house, or sometimes, restrict your capability to nourish your furry friend.

How to play:

Use arrow keys to control Duck.
Use mouse to feed the Duck and view the map.
Use 1-2-3-4 to dodge the obstacles in the Reactions.

Tips and Tricks:

Try to train Duck as much as possible, the longer the trainning time, the more Duck will level up.
Each skill will have different levels. Train Duck well in all skills.

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