Duck Life 4 Game

After last year’s very successful racing season, the judges have determined that genetically modifying Duck Life 4 to compete and win in the yearly competitions is now an illegal act, and have banned those modifications from entering the race! What now?


So, now we are being advised that developed ducks are against the principles of these races. We have to compete the old fashioned way! Back to training our ducks to compete and win against the world champion!

In this version, we must instruct our ducklings in three primary abilities, working speed, endurance, and reflex. Contrary to the previous versions, the trainings and competitions are set up otherwise. To train our ducklings, we must talk to the running trainer. He will help us improve our ducks speed, endurance, and reflexes through a series of exercises.

Duck Life 4

After we have trained enough, we can then talk to another duckling, one who wants to test our abilities by racing against us! As in the last versions, we also have access to an in-game shop where we can buy cute costumes. However, this time we could even purchase new ducks!

In addition to coaching and competing against a really quick racer, we Can also compete in tournaments. These tournaments are designed to check our skills and by winning every tournament, we could make incredible prizes — including money! On the other hand, the downfall is that there are no breaks allowed during the tournaments, though we can Duck Life 4 for every tournament we would like to take part in — so if I’ve a duckling that is really great at something, but not so good at anything else, I can change them out!

What I Loved About Duck Life 4

1 thing I Truly love about this sport is that It’s designed Slightly different compared to previous versions. The races are a great deal more challenging to complete — even the training periods are different! I also love that I can train more than 1 duck at a time, and can change ducklings for different competitions.
Duckling will follow my mouse’s cursor everywhere! How cute will it be able to play around with my small duckling when I am letting him take a little break from training or competing?!

Last, I really enjoy the new interface. Buttons to click on to be able to select many trainings or contest maps on top of my screen, now all I must do is speak to some given NPC in the game. It makes for a much cleaner, user-friendly interface.

Duck Life 4

What I Hated About Duck Life 4

Honestly, there is really nothing that I did not enjoy about the game. My sole complaint about the game is the high costs in the game store. It is tough enough trying to win those races and competitions, but the unbelievably substantial prices in the store make it even more difficult to develop into the best — or personalize my duckling so that he stands out for his fans! This game certainly has a weird market!


Overall, I loved this game, and May spend many hours playing with My duckling, training him, and racing him. Give Duck Life 4 a try now and tell us what you think!

The train regions of the trainer will probably soon be professional. Duck will probably be Trained in three different skills including Rate (conduct and jump through openings ), Endurance (prevent hurdles falling out of the skies ), Reactions (conduct and dodge 4 distinct kinds of barriers ).

Throughout training, Duck may additionally bring in coins. Duck use coins to get fashion items in DuckShop.

Additionally, at Part 4 with the game there may also be Races for players to combine win Races will unlock the newest territory.

Duck currently includes six training elements for example flying, climbing, walking, swimming, energy and jumping.

Nevertheless, the very fascinating point in this component is that the look of An extremely strong Duck. Additionally, this is the objective of the video game. You Must Train tough enough to be at him. To battle this Duck, You Have to achieve Degree 10.

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